Frequently Asked Questions

What level can stock be restrict to?

In a paddock situation:

  • Sheep can be restricted to approx. 0.5lb/day
  • Mature cattle can be restricted to approx. 5lb/day
  • Weaner cattle can be restricted to approx. 2lb/day

If stock are in a feedlot/containment area, the lowest setting is about double the consumption of a paddock situation.

How does the saliva restriction system work?

Stock lick feed out of a groove between two Adjusters and through the gaps in the Adjuster Guard. The licking period is limited to about 5 minutes because stock need saliva on their tongue to get the feed out of the groove. Cattle lick at about 60 times per minute and sheep and goats, about 120 times per minute. In five minutes of licking at the most restricted setting, sheep will only get a heaped tablespoon and cattle, half a cup. The Adjuster Guard stops bulldozing and makes stock stand in one position when feeding – stopping bullying behaviour. The ration cannot be controlled without the Adjuster Guard

What feeds can be used in the feeder?

The feeder has a 3.5” outlet. A feed mix with less than 25% chaff and cut to less an inch long will flow but the ability to control the ration is limited. Meals can also be used in the feeders. The mix must have less than 1% molasses.

Can the feeders be used to back-ground or pre-condition?

There is potential to finish stock on pasture with creep feeding and grain assist systems. This can eliminate the need to feedlot or background stock. If stock are to be lot feed, Advantage Feeders can reduce the labour to background/pre-condition stock by stopping trough feeding. The Advantage Feeders system can be used to accustom stock from a low concentrate ration to a high ration simply by repositioning the adjustment system.

How full can the feeders be when they are moved?

The 200HD, 1200HD and 2500HD feeders can be picked up and moved full. The 5300HD and 8000HD can be moved with 4000lb of feed in it. The 1200HD and 2500HD feeders can be skidded full. The 5300HD and 8000HD can be skidded with 3000lb of feed.

How are birds kept out of the feed?

The feed sits 1.5” down in the licking area and birds can’t get their beaks in and have trouble fitting their feet in, so they can’t easily reach the feed. If they can reach it, the Adjuster Guard stops them flicking the feed out. When feeding sheep, the Creep Panel is commonly used to deter birds and reduce weather getting in while allowing grown sheep and goats to feed.

What is the filling height of the 5300HD and 8000HD

The filling height of the 8000HD is 8’. At sheep height, the filling height of the 5300HD is 6’ and at cattle height, it is 6’8”.

What do the codes stand for with the products?

The 8000HD stands for 8000lb, the 5300HD stands for 5300lb and so on. Note: the actual amount held depends on the density of the feed.

Can the height of the feeders be changed from cattle to sheep/goat height?

On the 1200HD, 2500HD and 5300HD, the pins that fasten the skids to the body work can be taken out and put back in with the skid at a different height. The 5300HD feeders come with 2 separate centre braces under the trough. One is for cattle height and the other is for the sheep/goat height. The 8000HD is fixed at cattle height.

Can the creep feeding gates be purchased at a time after the feeder is purchased?

Yes, they can be attached to the feeders at any stage after the feeder is assembled.

Do heads get stuck in the Tray Hay Feeders?

The bars have 1’ gaps and should not be used with bulls. Advantage Feeders have engineered a “bull kit” to reduce the size of the gaps to prevent the issue with bulls.

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