Stronger, Last Longer, More control

  • Collapsible design – protects hay better
  • Hot gal dipped SHS
  • Fits both the CHF and THF models
  • Z275 galvanised sheetmetal


Weight: 73lbs
Assembled dimensions 35″x 55″x 8″ (LxWxH)
Flat-pack dimensions:
55″x 27″x 2″ (LxWxH)
Notes: A gap may initially exist between the 2 parts when using large diameter bales until part of bale is consumed.
  • 2 piece roof
  • U-bolt hinges
  • Quick release roof from U-bolts
  • Snap hook latches for connecting sections
  • 2x HFR units needed for the CHF-X or THF-X
  • Safety folds on sheetmetal parts
  • Gutters on roof deflect the rain
  • Hot gal dipped SHS
  • Z275 sheetmetal

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Bar in Place, Bar Removed

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