Stronger, Last Longer, More control

  • Spring buttons for easy adjustment
  • Latch locking system on spring buttons
  • Rigid flange on outer edge
  • Z275 galvanised sheetmetal


Weight: 44lbs
Assembled dimensions:
7’8″ x  0’6″ x 0’2″ (LxWxH)
All feeders can accommodate two Creep Panels.
Creep Panels come standard with the 1200HD, 2500HD, 5300HD, and M2500HD feeders.
Sheep (2500HD, 5300HD and 2500HD): 200
Sheep (1200HD): 100
Goats (2500HD, 5300HD and 2500HD): 200
Goats (1200HD): 100
  • Spring push button for easy movement
  • Strong 2″ section on the front section
  • 2x latches each end to lock the spring buttons
  • Creep panels rotate to allow all stock to feed
  • 10 hole positions come standard in all feeders

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